Planted memories

She knows I won’t forget her. She played in the yard with dirt planted memories. She was pleasure in all she did with twinkles in her eyes. Those curls she got from me her mother’s smile. This is simple prose no way near the beauty of watching her grow.

Let’s walk

On a typical moody day she has something to say that quickly lifts my spirits out of the gray. Thankful at times does not truly convey such thoughts so let’s walk become lost where hearts can breathe.

Just across the tracks

After walking an estimated 5, no, 6 miles sun just across the tracks bids goodbye with a smile felt without a touch. Some long ago scribbled thoughts return once again with hope they’ll be used like a lost episode of life or love. Daring to walk another mile no is an answer heard so with […]

Ready to bloom

Easter morn blessings of living ready to bloom. A story is beginning to take form. Like a teapot whistling to remind a heart love is ready to bloom. Overhead clouds part making way for art to be shown ready to bloom from living blessed with love.