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these words

these words are not for the weak instead, these words are for those who seek to be strong. if you’re tired of failing and falling this is your calling patience has run its course. you deserve to matter not be shattered.

not any more

In a sleazy truck stop on the outskirts of Atlanta I met a wild child took her over to the nearest bar played a few tunes with the local band told her a fake name for she was only a one night stand. Before I get to far into this I should explain getting lucky is an art first you…

Blending art and words

Like a glass half empty, half full blending art and words is a desire, sensation to be swallowed by lovers thirsty. Forms of beauty captivate words on paper sometimes rhyme imagination becomes vividly alive as daily life offers hope for mankind. Like a glass half empty, half full be amused with little things cross the bridge to the other side…