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on the 14th

On the 14th we’ll talk about what is right.  Wrong.. make excuses about who what why decide when then casually stroll on towards oblivion. Seems change is not of interest unless money can be made. that’s right! And WRONG

Beauty in the woods

Discovered once more beauty in the woods now you must listen to hear the whispers of it letting you know this is not a mistake no, this is love. You now must be wondering if this might be a bad episode of a dream from last night but I assure you with a touch of delight ’tis not the case.…

for more, amore

She walked off the stage every line so rehearsed excited about the play but then it hit her like tomatoes thrown from an angry audience who knew she wouldn’t stay for the final curtain knowing she had become frightened when the love scene called for more, amore…