Whispers from a Bluebird

Whispers from a Bluebird serve as a small reminder another day can be heard with heart. Horrible smoke fills the air many are losing everything hope cries hearts sigh. Whispers from a Bluebird awaken the pen to write scribbling on paper again to bring light. Invisible thoughts appear as the sun begins to disappear transparency... Continue Reading →

In dialogue

No popcorn or beer just two listening to sounds of life being arranged like petals of a rose printed in color. Not a single word whispered but in dialogue chapters were written with utmost care.

Over yonder somewhere

In quietness over yonder somewhere tenderness of a single touch beckons come closer. Understanding so much renders my heart soft as clouds above. Each whisper is received as a passionate kiss long missed. Over yonder somewhere in quietness I believe she waits, she waits for me.

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