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I ponder the feeling of how it felt to embrace love beneath the sky full of dreams just out of reach it seemed at the time until my arms opened wide accepting undescribed emotions that I could no longer hide. I began to share my poetry words upon a thirsty page discovered myself each night when my heart recalled events…

By day I learn

By day I learn to repair the broken in life to accept and give a smile to discard statistics lingering within my mind each night as I yearn to repair myself witness the light

At this reservoir

Inhaling her scent, thankful for moments a smile she flashes while reading her, to me, filling my heart up fast. I wonder, does she know how much brighter my life how she so easily takes a gloomy day, then turns, says I’ll take care of you soon whispers, loon. It seems as though fish aren’t striking my bait, but perhaps…