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On a foggy day

On a foggy day, God resurrected the flames of his undying love. He took some time to answer a few prayers that lingered like a metaphor once seen and believed you. He brooded as a breeze pleasant as a whisper brushed his cheeks while standing by a creek restrained. As branches dripped moisture his eyes did too with a heart…

Reading red words

Late last night I woke thought of beauty seen then decided to begin reading red words that were spoke but it seems not many listen anymore. I thought of those who have reserved a suite in hell then I giggled aloud knowing damn well they forgot to ask forgiveness for overlooking flowers. Be blessed before you rest 😉

In the beginning

In the beginning, needing nothing except light life began peacefully then concrete, steel pollution, hate became a part of fate. Less and less beauty of flowers, art children laughing aloud became expressions not shared society forgot to care. May this day, this scribbling serve as a reminder to do your part it starts with the heart.