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Beneath this land

beneath this landthe vast seashope waits to breathenot all is what it seemsevery sky is a different bluetrees aren’t always green. abandoned heartsglowing in 3-Dwill someday feelsurface from yearsthat were awkward. the hurt of all yesterdayswill be healed by love. and those tears will flowbeneath this landto the vast seaof  tranquillity.

Hardly worth our time

On some days the pen has nothing to say so music is another form to say what’s going through a heart such as mine. May this Wednesday be kind and let us all be humble. RIP Joe

What does it expect?

walking beneath the moon I wonder what does it expect? I present myself as a stranger knowing soon it shall disappear without hearing my wishes those living inside a cocoon. Funny how it never replies when asked what are you going to do in the sky?