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On the other side

Seems somewhat strange always seeking something on the other side. Perhaps it’s the longing wanting to escape progress settle in a sleepy one horse town Comfyville. Kinda weird life as rearranged so much founded years ago perhaps it’s in part for others seeking something on the other side. Here’s hoping you settle in Comfyville rekindle life before the afterlife.

A new deal

Let not the storms of life drown you in stagnate water look within, discover self push towards tomorrows toss aside sorrows. Let not a second pass with remorse, change your heart witness around, see at last no past. These thoughts, appear as words just like a bird, perched singing, spreading joy may they help you feel become capable of spreading…

Sitting quietly

without a sound watching time stand still she wished to hold beauties hand enjoy the view with hope in her heart it would again return remove the cold winter brings. She imagined spring would arrive with much delight fill her life with colors bright as stars in a pitch black night. Then she packed her dreams headed back home to…