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Letter to Irene, my ex editor

You sure took youre time respondding to my letter fore help back inn 2018 JUly 11they. Aftea manny a long nite Ive decided to nform you of my decesion to letyou go. I’m on my third pot of cofee an tryin to tell you of ablot whats happened and how my writting has improfed drascratley. Iseldomn make mistake s anymory…

Right before

Right before my eyes stands a red sunflower its beauty speaking volumes straight to my heart where words form occasionally once pronounced in mind so poetry sounds like a classic band. Then I dance with glee beneath puffy white clouds feel gloom of days gone by fall like leaves. May you encounter beauty dance through your day write it out…


Each task a reminder of words once used to describe love being with you. Each scrap of paper filled with ink once composed to fill a book now painful to look at secrets shared in the dark. Sensations created goosebumps parting offered acceptance each has value in the long run from being with you.