Bedtime story

my dear… my lips want to tell your skin a bedtime story while weaving with simple rhyme my desires to love you with heart and mind take you to once upon a time tell you how I cherish that I am yours. As you drift off to dreamland feel my hand caress your face know that... Continue Reading →

It was late… no, wait

It was late, no, wait!!! not exactly the way to start a story of epic proportion a love story none the less set back in Pennsylvania where Amish and Vampires live no, that should read, co-exist... Once upon a time.. Nope, wrong line one night two hearts became entwined lips parted at approximately the same... Continue Reading →


He was 19, she 16 when they flew away to live in Echo, Texas to start a church heard God a callin' their names. Life was tough from beginning to end but their love was a flame no earthly doing could rearrange. Story has it they moved to Tennessee to listen to angels sing for... Continue Reading →

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