Tag: somewhere


somewhere, beauty is beginning to fade a little bit of scribbling is reaching a blank page. somewhere, at this precise moment a scent of lilacs stirs filling the air with perfume unbottled reminding me of hers. somewhere, a lost soul is found confirming love is alive shining brighter than all the stars a magnificent vibe. somewhere, a dream is coming…

Somewhere tomorrow

Somewhere tomorrow life shall unfold like an old movie script butterflies will escape the cocoon take flight soon into somewhere tomorrow. That’s where beauty begins to bring smiles to another day and conclusions settle down like dust. Somewhere tomorrow obsessions of being center stage shall change drastically once reality plays its hand with jokers wild.

Somewhere not so far away

Somewhere not so far away from here within my heart your breath of hope your touch of strength enlightens my soul to soar above scars of old to overcome mistakes to give to others a smile as the journey of life unfolds. Somewhere not so far away from here you are near..