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Hello from Colorful Colorado :)

The spectacular Longs Peak (14,255-ft.), Mount Meeker (13,911 ft.) glacial mountain cirque, has inspired hundreds of thousands of mountaineers all over the world. Mount Meeker is actually just a continuation of Longs enormous east face. In between, the Ships Prow (13,340-ft.) separates the two mighty peaks. Most believe Longs to be the undisputed monarch of all Colorado 14,000-ft. mountains, and…

Dadgum it

Twanging these strings ain’t gonna do nuttin’ except make whiskey flow from a still out yonder in those damn hills above these empty fields

And Harley smiled

She came down from Wisconsin to see the Rockies and me and both created a smile on both our faces. Beauty has a way of bringing about happiness and memories and fulfilling life no doubt. And Harley smiled, waved goodbye until next time we meet perhaps at a Packers game.