I whistle near the end

On any morning you can hear love whistle through the air best little note ever written personal yet for all to hear. Please, won't you have a seat yes, I know the water is quite chilled but between the tea and short stories perhaps a few lines of poetry your heart shall be warmed it's... Continue Reading →

kissin’ Jack

kissin' Jack, back in the day played with the ladies he let ride his hack kissed as many as possible each and every day. Weren't much to do back then kissin' Jack weren't no fool between church and school got many a fair lady to break the rules.

Guggenheim Hall

Built in 1910, Guggenheim Hall is located on the northeast side of the Oval on the campus of Colorado State University (CSU) in Fort Collins. As the headquarters of the school’s home economics program in the early twentieth century, the neoclassical building is significant for its role in the history of women’s education at the... Continue Reading →

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