I ain’t gonna

Artistically be I ain't gonna so I'll let beauty speak instead besides, ain't much swirling around in my head worth mentioning here or artistically be shared. A smile hello nothing is more beautiful I ain't gonna lie so spread some happiness give it a try.

Role model

Here's a role model of beauty it helps when on an emotional sea when your battered and bruised like rocks on a shore. In steps of life stop breathe in the fragrance of a rose feel yourself unfold ready to conquer those who keep you down. Take time to write a story about your role... Continue Reading →


As life awakens on another day continue to believe beauty is designed to speak when silence in human form has lost hope. So often in walks of life little things are overlooked in such a rush to achieve when a beautiful rose, butterflies wish for a moment of your time. Given another day to continue... Continue Reading →

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