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Bad to the bone

On the day I was bornThe nurses all gathered ’roundAnd they gazed in wide wonderAt the joy they had foundThe head nurse spoke upAnd she said “leave this one alone”She could tell right awayThat I was bad to the bone Bad to the boneBad to the boneB-B-B-B-Bad to the boneB-B-B-B-BadB-B-B-B-BadBad to the bone I broke a thousand heartsBefore I met…


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Ode to those & Walter Becker

I carry eyes of the dead in my heart place pictures in rooms painted a shade of gray. Music created them death removed them before their time. Rainbows disappeared on fateful days tomorrow did not make the show sold out. They made flames dance hearts melt many a childĀ conceived with them in background creating a beat. Between licks on strings…

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