My Queen

I stumble towards her embrace loving her eyes knowing we are about to get shitfaced. Whiskey enhances our fantasies as we tell each other lies admitting we're not broken souls just capable of a mysterious love. Photo courtesy  internet,maybe:)

The witch is in

She walked through the door nails black as coal and I knew something was brewing said, the witch is in which only caused a flame to shoot out of her mouth directed at me again. I chuckled, said you definitely don't need to pretend been thinking about last night how you were a fright without... Continue Reading →

She and I

She removed me from her to do list I removed her from my dreams. She slammed the door just like the other day I drove down to the liquor store. I disrupted her thoughts much as possible She pretended to be caught in love. I imagine this could be the end She reminds me it... Continue Reading →

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