as is

For a while the notion of as is has been within thoughts and the more I think the more it seems possible to love as is.. So easily as is could become a distance from perfection like a shawl with a stain a dress with a loose hem two hearts close but far apart. Perhaps... Continue Reading →

@ 4.5 mile marker

@ 4.5 mile marker I felt you kiss my chilled neck heard you whisper I love you as a smile covered my face in thoughts of so many times when you held my hand gave me strength to understand such a wicked world. @ 4.5 mile marker I knew the blessing of you..

Beauty in a stream

Why do I struggle to paint this picture of hues to satisfy you? I don't think I have it whatever it might be to hold your heart. Restless nights staring at stars using my super powers trying to lasso that crazy moon that keeps pretending to be a porch light left on showing the way... Continue Reading →

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