like a mountain to a sky

somewhere along to here amongst the 999 piece puzzle which always seems short one to finally complete stands me in front of a mountain or a hill to some degree staring straight up to the sky with the same questions in tow. Yes, I have concluded in a way this poem and image is a... Continue Reading →

Grooves in Vinyl

I'm listening to grooves in vinyl music hidden in each one memories smoking out speakers my heart strings feel love along with blues painted pain. I'm in the middle of silence a marvelous feeling as it flows from guitar strings to amp volume off riff after riff listen closely you can hear them explode between... Continue Reading →


I enjoy real it is in the dictionary existing, actual, not imaginary is how it is described which pleased my heart not my eyes for I am blind to such things that do not touch me. I am not easily impressed when it comes to man-made things rather, I am foolish enough to believe beauty... Continue Reading →

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