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Why not Earth?

Why not Earth? Landing on Earth would be so damn grand just imagine the miracles the dreams come true landing on Earth! Saving Chicago, Baltimore, Mississippi so many lives in need of simple roof over head, clean water and Detroit could build cars again instead of filling cemeteries. What is to gain on the moon and look at the litter…

Casually substantiating

With each step forward, backwards with a mindset of disillusion stamped within by those who thought in some slight way lesson must be taught as a rebel spirit flew too high to comprehend the meaning of suffering  

It’s on the radio

I wanna know what love is it’s on the radio along with answers to a thousand other simple questions but one must be listening with heart and soul for those who write of such things have experienced all that is tangled up like midnight sheets with love spent or missed. Yeah, tell me true what love is turn it up…