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A Poet

A poet connects various notions with ink to paper brings to life circumstances yet to be told while grasping words from inner self. A poet is often a comic relief also shares beauty with a photo for those who rush through life. A poet is often intense with thoughts scribbled perhaps on a walk where nature clears the mind opens…

Romeo and Juliet

A lovestruck Romeo sang the streets a serenadeLaying everybody low with a love song that he madeFinds a streetlight, steps out of the shadeSays something like, “You and me, babe, how about it?” Juliet says, “Hey, it’s Romeo, you nearly gave me a heart attack”He’s underneath the window, she’s singing, “Hey, la, my boyfriend’s backYou shouldn’t come around here singing…

Did she?

Did she, the Poetess appease the Poet by lowering her educated mind to wallow with his because he could not write but had a bluebird within heart she wanted to claim as own for a short time while continuing to be flushed out by those who had sweetest of words no heart.