Listen to a little peace

Gonna sit down for a long spell breathe deep and sip iced tea listen to a little peace echo maybe buy Boardwalk Avenue later after sun sets. It's been a quiet day not much stirring around thoughts politely scribbled down just to keep heart alive. Later, after sun sets behind mountain listen closely, hear a... Continue Reading →


At a 4-way stop I witnessed life standing on each corner holding a sign. The 1st one read “ will work for peace ” The 2nd one read “ will work for love ” The 3rd one read “ will work for hope ” The 4th one read “ will work to set you free... Continue Reading →

The day of bare beauty

On a walk one October afternoon I couldn't help but notice the beauty of a tree bare but blushing with beauty. It was a warm Autumn and birds could be heard singing and the lake the lake was calm, so calm sounds of fish jumping could be heard. Peace was felt within which is exactly... Continue Reading →

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