loves me like a rock

When I was a little boy (When I was just a boy)And the devil would call my name (When I was just a boy)I'd say, now who do (Who)Who do you think you're foolin' (When I was just a boy)I'm a consecrated boy (When I was just a boy)I'm a singer in a Sunday choirOh,... Continue Reading →

Welcome to Earth

Welcome to Earth, third rock from the Sun She walks into Smokey's, one hip at a timeLike a broken field runner slippin' through the linesHe likes the way she looks so he calls the little wifeSays "don't wait up for me, I'll be working late tonight"Wife hangs up the phone bursts into tearsCalls her sister... Continue Reading →

Play me a tune

Kick off your shoes tickle the ivory play me a tune one full of sweet memories let me rewind the good old days.

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