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Play me a tune

Kick off your shoes tickle the ivory play me a tune one full of sweet memories let me rewind the good old days.

No news

She said, “It’s just a woman thing, “And pulled out of the driveI said not to worryI’m and understanding guy I heard that when you love someone You gotta let them goShe hollered, “When I find myselfYou’ll be the first to know.”Ooo-hooo no news I’ve learned to do the laundryFeed the cat and clean the houseI promised to be patientWhile…

goodbye Nashville

I ain’t itching to be a star cause I just can’t kiss an executive’s ass to get that far. As I recall, it was 1983 sittin’ in Tootsies bar listening to the new sound so removed from the real thing noticing how twang was being replaced by a bunch of machines. I lost my heart to sing didn’t desire to…