unchained on a summer night willing to make it right rebellious with a calm fight burning bright smiling with delight as my muse undressed my soul. a little moment became hours like watching her bloom into a gorgeous flower willing to be devoured lucky me...

No telling

Her eyes lit up like dusted off patent leather shoes when I began to play the blues. In conversation earlier she revealed her heartbreaks disappointments, said the blues soothe her soul rejuvenate her spirit from being dead. As my fingers lightly caressed six delicate strings again I imagined touching her skin then suddenly realized she... Continue Reading →

Around 9

She'll check her look in the mirror around 9 decide she's ready for a night to not remember come daylight. Battered by a love or two she can't refuse to sink her teeth into an apple again. In a short conversation she'll confess around 9:29 her life is a mess but the search continues anyway... Continue Reading →

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