Tag: mountains

In the distance

In the distance far removed from the rush majestic mountains wait to hush sounds of such life events. On days when clouds are gray a heart can seek beauty, say tomorrow shall be a better one. In the distance wildlife roams happy to be home grateful nature has provided. Let’s all take a tip from wildlife be grateful for little…

Magical dream

Let us venture towards beauty of mountains let our eyes appreciate the will of God. Bring your friends gather hope for mankind rejoice such wonders exist let your spirit soar high towards the sky.

Chisel in Hand

scraping words off my heart arteries clogged up nothing new seems to enter my mind of late. These old words should remain silent like an old movie reel but once again I succumb wilting like a sunflower ’til nothing is left except decay. So I am left to sculpture an image of sunshine using tricks of the trade using negatives that will…