The Pier, Year 2013

Seems ages long ago perhaps it always will she and I met at The Pier 2013, the year August a hot month to be enjoying a fake waterfront just like the conversation fakeass smiles. Occasionally I would shrug my shoulders she would pretend to hear as though I was whispering directly into her left ear.... Continue Reading →

Possibilities are endless

Possibilities are endless for me obviously time can now stand still since I’ve lost my memory. Imagine having a Civil War within a mind blue, then gray shedding bloody thoughts of words treason, then reason watching them decay. Heart bandaged, fracture healing memory fighting to live better moments I can’t recall but somewhere in me... Continue Reading →

Through an opening

Through an opening walked I, here, began to cry for felt was an axiom though transparent to naked eyes with heart, realized.   With vision of child witnessed marionette, of I, dangling, judged as each string got cut until at last, fell.

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