Tag: memories

Pinky promise

So many times we made pinky promises hoping with heart for more time to accomplish each one as life unfolded. How often in thoughts they drift about leaving no doubt they still exist. One flame ignited after another pinky promise sealed the deals of love and devotion that now have become silly notions unfolded..

Thursday morning 9AM

Some previous Thursday, date unknown kisses were exchanged morning 9AM. They linger still with desire unmatched. Your lips ignited my fire that shall burn forever. Though flowers seem to be only black and white knowing you brought color I long to see once more.

Last walk

This is an effort to describe becoming one I once thought/believed two was a magic number the number dreams are circled around now, one is silence and despair with flashes between nightmares heated exchanges in my head questions burning like heartburn a form of displacement returns never knowing which one might strike or what system will work So I begin…