Tag: memories

something familiar

a fragrance of perfume lingers reminding the heart of ecstasy built to extreme measures with love. how often a mind drifts to a place where heaven was conceived between breaths of believe. something familiar tempts my being to escape this living hell as each day is questioned how much more can you take

Rhyme out of town

In a beat up T-Bird she told me to forget to prevent my heart from exploding or my half-ass mind full of rhymes. Squinting through a dirty windshield I pictured myself doing that then replied, would be a mess but that’s not something would cause me to confess. I told her I’ve rehearsed my deathbed scene the ride in a…

Pinky promise

So many times we made pinky promises hoping with heart for more time to accomplish each one as life unfolded. How often in thoughts they drift about leaving no doubt they still exist. One flame ignited after another pinky promise sealed the deals of love and devotion that now have become silly notions unfolded..