another new year

It’s a miniature snowflake filled dome but it keeps her home all year long. When loneliness knocks on my heart I pick it up gently shake her awake. Once again we walk along the river bank singing an unforgotten song. When frustration settles within my mind I merely reflect back to better times see those... Continue Reading →


Assuming this is October time and leaves change but not the sound of your voice calling me to come closer for clarity amongst the beauty we once seen and loved. How life has been these past years is not quite what we envisioned it's more difficult to scribble when all I can do is stare... Continue Reading →

I should have

At a bar just outside of Atlanta she walked towards me with a smile, a tattoo that said, dynamite I should have but I didn't ask to focused on her ass. Oh how the mind wanders in a dim lit place to my way of thinking she didn't even have a face. I should have... Continue Reading →

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