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I began to imagine

I began to imagine while scribbling can a soul be saved? does a dog know nouns from pronouns? can I possibly be alive? scribbling leads to other paths least walked but in small discreet circles it survives like beauty, hope, love and war thank a writer, a poet a photographer

Void of clouds

Waking from haunting screams I stepped towards the sky void of clouds wearing a blindfold over my eyes to prevent stumbling over remnants of jagged dreams. Nina Simone sang into my ears helping to erase childish fears that life and love would be misplaced. Suddenly I recalled a quote that Nina had made “You have to learn to get up…

From Blu and I

Happy Thanksgiving 🙂 As silence awakens to rejoice and give thanks may this day be stuffed with smiles and eggnog kindness and respect for all..