every step

every step reminds me of a time when love lived deep in my heart. in life after every step has been a blur pain does not exit chest but I give thanks for being blessed. every step leads me closer to a time you were mine.

Bedtime story

my dear… my lips want to tell your skin a bedtime story while weaving with simple rhyme my desires to love you with heart and mind take you to once upon a time tell you how I cherish that I am yours. As you drift off to dreamland feel my hand caress your face know that... Continue Reading →

I try

I try to write you a poem yet one glance makes obvious my inadequacy, my skill I try to paint you a picture to capture the rapturous beauty of your smile yet one glance at what I have written or drawn lacks the ability to convey still. When I look back my words aren’t living... Continue Reading →

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