Can’t let go

Can’t let go so I am creeping inside to steal what is a part of me not allowing this to be just a dream without a reason an illusion that only screams departing too soon. Music encompassed this to me, tone deaf I am lost in a dance of meaningless crying return so color blind!... Continue Reading →

So deep

We french kissed so deep Each one lingered into our sleep We shared dreams together As though we believed in forever We had laughter like an echo Smiles wrapped up with bows We had summers filled with sunshine Winters filled cuddling so divine. We french kissed so deep Our tongues touched our hearts A message... Continue Reading →

From the Shoe box

From the shoe box I share all that happened upstairs late one night in bed when sleep avoided me leaving me idle with time a silent type of behavior I accepted with glee. Beside me tools of the trade I used to communicate trusty pen and tablet eager for words that were lodged between random... Continue Reading →

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