No country music for old men

They told him to just fade awayHis time had past and all his kind would die But he remembers when Hank played the Opry high as a kiteWhile Patsy Cline was out walking after midnightWell, he saw the torch being passed from Lefty to MerleNow there's so-called successors but it's hard to find a hero... Continue Reading →

Rich and Miserable

Green grass, help the cows graze, hedgefund 401Keg and milk and honey in the land of the freeNew York Times, Farmer's AlmanacToo busy to call our mamasBack porch ain't what it used to beWe don't know what we wantBut we want it and we want it all right now We're too young until we're too... Continue Reading →

Before the Deluge

Some of them were dreamersAnd some of them were foolsWho were making plans and thinking of the futureWith the energy of the innocentThey were gathering the toolsThey would need to make their journey back to natureWhile the sand slipped through the openingAnd their hands reached for the golden ringWith their hearts they turned to each... Continue Reading →

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