Wish I knew what you

Wish I knew what you were thinking in between blinks of brown eyes that I get lost in each time your lips part and form a smile. What are you saying under your breath when your whisper awakens my soul leaving me speechless yet deeper I swim into the current always towards you upstream. Somewhere,... Continue Reading →


From the beginning I was drunk basically stumbling into your arms you held me up, kept me from falling but it was too late my heart was on the ground begging for you to pick it up though I barely made a sound. My soul had never felt such beauty coming from another captivated, my words... Continue Reading →

Chisel in Hand

scraping words off my heart arteries clogged up nothing new seems to enter my mind of late. These old words should remain silent like an old movie reel but once again I succumb wilting like a sunflower ’til nothing is left except decay. So I am left to sculpture an image of sunshine using tricks of the... Continue Reading →

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