keep on rowing

keep on rowing be a rose with protective thorns as you continue to grow. let nothing become of little moments lost and confused be a stick of dynamite ignited with a short fuse. make this the day you sing a tune that matches your steps towards the inner you let your heart shine through.

you’ll be

Should you wake from a storm filled with clowns dancing all around you’ll be found so don’t give up you’ll be picked up shown a better way. When darkness begins to conquer your heart know you’ll be okay even if broken for a spell you’ll leap out of hell! ❤

A display

I admit, I skipped class for a piece of pumpkin pie. I admit, I went after mass for a sip of wine to escape time. I admit, I did waste parts of my youth especially waiting on a fairy to pay me for a tooth. I admit, I had imaginary friends some were real, some... Continue Reading →

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