Beauty in stride

Last summer out on the plains enjoyed beauty in stride and as my heart smiled I remembered you. How often little things these days remind me how to smile give thanks and take in breaths of freshness. May you have the chance to take beauty in stride 🙂

Half smashed

Scribbling down thoughts in case I may not make it to the brighter side of the moon  heart still muddy from  moments that passed us by though awkwardly balanced almost trashed. Constant tugs on heart water streaming down face caught between hell, that other place words slowly take shape half smashed.

Don’t ye be a cryin’

Don’t ye be a cryin’ when the noose snaps my neck I still be lovin’ ya even after death. You be the brightest light ever enter my life and I be a cryin’ cause you ain’t my wife. Now don’t ye be a missin’ me to darn much cause I reckon you know I loved... Continue Reading →

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