Tag: hope

Reading red words

Late last night I woke thought of beauty seen then decided to begin reading red words that were spoke but it seems not many listen anymore. I thought of those who have reserved a suite in hell then I giggled aloud knowing damn well they forgot to ask forgiveness for overlooking flowers. Be blessed before you rest 😉

In the beginning

In the beginning, needing nothing except light life began peacefully then concrete, steel pollution, hate became a part of fate. Less and less beauty of flowers, art children laughing aloud became expressions not shared society forgot to care. May this day, this scribbling serve as a reminder to do your part it starts with the heart.

Shining light on beauty

Gonna go down to old town watch city folks shuffle along searching for meaning in life sit down and write a letter to Mr. Zimmerman, aka Bob Dylan point out how right he is everything is blowin’ in the wind how corrupt life has become. I’ll tell him about how I dream of shining light on beauty so others can…