keep on rowing

keep on rowing be a rose with protective thorns as you continue to grow. let nothing become of little moments lost and confused be a stick of dynamite ignited with a short fuse. make this the day you sing a tune that matches your steps towards the inner you let your heart shine through.


So, you can't seem to soar perhaps you need rehab to mend your wings elevate off the floor. You, you can do this today reach new heights, fly away. Life, you know, does not wait for anyone to open a gate you, you must do yourself a favor swing the hinges outward escape. In your... Continue Reading →

you’ll be

Should you wake from a storm filled with clowns dancing all around you’ll be found so don’t give up you’ll be picked up shown a better way. When darkness begins to conquer your heart know you’ll be okay even if broken for a spell you’ll leap out of hell! ❤

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