Flashy Joe

If you been round music long enough real music that is then you know of Flashy Joe the man could play damn near any stringed thing and set the bar for many to reach. Here is my Mosrite Joe Maphis double neck from 1966. He played rockin' country music could make strings sing like a... Continue Reading →

Nineteen Sixty-Four History

Year, 1964, Sears sold this beauty made by Danelectro known as a Silvertone. Ahead of its time all you needed was electricity to learn how to play create a sound for around $50 bucks!

Missing hues

Tighten the straps plug into Marshall get lost in the blues missing hues. Skim through loves held, tasted and wasted. Each star above a reminder of those who played before my time arrived before twilight appeared not on a sidewalk a fake ass star. Yes, tug those straps tighter jolt my soul let sounds within... Continue Reading →

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