On a foggy day

On a foggy day, God resurrected the flames of his undying love. He took some time to answer a few prayers that lingered like a metaphor once seen and believed you. He brooded as a breeze pleasant as a whisper brushed his cheeks while standing by a creek restrained. As branches dripped moisture his eyes... Continue Reading →

Breathing Nature

Lately I've been breathing nature grateful to journey beyond my dreams spend time with God. Along the way formed a love affair with rapid streams mountain peaks capped with snow. Autumn became my favorite season always amazed at colors smiled at blinding sundowns being given reasons to appreciate life.

God moves the pen

https://youtu.be/uXKIxjOVrk4 Shakespeare writing on a piece of paperHank Williams singing on an old guitarBoth of them trying to find the wordsSomewhere up above the stars But I've seen it there in old love lettersStuck to the fridge on a Post-it noteRed lipstick on a bathroom mirrorOr tucked in the pocket of a cowboy's coat Written... Continue Reading →

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