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Here, and in everyday walks we meet to discuss the weather snow and sun a contrast on given days as we share art and words. Listening between raindrops and music traffic snarled at street lights nothing slips past the ever hearing nothing brings as much peace. Here, and in dreams thoughts are formed waking to find them waiting to be…

Human’s cry

Creeping round again in your heart my but it’s dark in here. Hope you don’t mind but I flipped the light on. Peeking into your thoughts again see you need a fresh start give me your troubles I’ll make certain they don’t come back with all my heart. Falling from your eyes tears I’ll catch them with my heart burden…

Let’s walk

On a typical moody day she has something to say that quickly lifts my spirits out of the gray. Thankful at times does not truly convey such thoughts so let’s walk become lost where hearts can breathe.