Simple little things

Should you find yourself smothered by darkness place yourself in the light of beauty those little things that erase hurt brings hope to a heart. I'm sitting here this day at a loss for words to help you through but my hand is extended just in case you want to believe friendship is a beauty... Continue Reading →

Softly my friend

Softly, my friend This beauty is placed To be viewed To touch a place Deeper than skin With bleeding ink With a heart Not copycat words Or overused clichés A sin. No, this is for you So each step taken Shall be a walk among clouds As a breeze caresses your skin As though hands... Continue Reading →

Waiting on a friend

Watching girls go passing byIt ain't the latest thingI'm just standing in a doorwayI'm just trying to make some sense Out of these girls go passing byThe tales they tell of menI'm not waiting on a ladyI'm just waiting on a friend A smile relieves a heart that grievesRemember what I saidI'm not waiting on... Continue Reading →

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