During a winter walk

During a winter walk with a frosty nose small talk of interesting people came about Einstein was brilliant you suppose equations was his thing. George Jones, the possum stopped loving her today made choices drank his life away. Jerry Lee Lewis tickled the ivory's sang great balls of fire with a grin but went off... Continue Reading →

In print

In print I place my heart For you to read Someday. Someday when You find yourself In need of a friend One that was there Always doing what could Be done. In print, silent words But they should be heard By your heart As they leak out of pen Attached to my heart.

Simple little things

Should you find yourself smothered by darkness place yourself in the light of beauty those little things that erase hurt brings hope to a heart. I'm sitting here this day at a loss for words to help you through but my hand is extended just in case you want to believe friendship is a beauty... Continue Reading →

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