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He’s free

A homeless man staggers across the parking lot sits down on the curb ponders the sickness of his lost soul. Rock bottom self-destruction hope breathes constantly but years make it hard to believe.. His heart holds memories that torment him perfection long removed like his teeth… So he sits silently soaking into the pavement his only comfort is he’s free.


At a 4-way stop I witnessed life standing on each corner holding a sign. The 1st one read “ will work for peace ” The 2nd one read “ will work for love ” The 3rd one read “ will work for hope ” The 4th one read “ will work to set you free ”. Of these, I believe…

Hypnotic red

  Hypnotic red neck bleeding trapped in rusty barbed wire dismounting, noticing wild-eyed as it dropped to knees softly moaning how my heart labored to set it free. With courage of a man age 14, pulling out trusty .22 believed as I pulled the trigger mercy had been served with more hypnotic red.