Human’s cry

Creeping round again in your heart my but it's dark in here. Hope you don't mind but I flipped the light on. Peeking into your thoughts again see you need a fresh start give me your troubles I'll make certain they don't come back with all my heart. Falling from your eyes tears I'll catch... Continue Reading →

Hard to understand

Shine under the bed shotgun by the door dogs on the porch life was hard to understand. Church on Sunday preacher dropped by every Monday evening to wet his appetite and count the offering plate. Gospel in the holler and hills tracks of coal dust in the house black lung poached nearby a single cough... Continue Reading →

kissin’ Jack

kissin' Jack, back in the day played with the ladies he let ride his hack kissed as many as possible each and every day. Weren't much to do back then kissin' Jack weren't no fool between church and school got many a fair lady to break the rules.

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