Butterfly Heart

sometimes broken, sometimes strong a butterfly heart shall sing its song while fluttering about and perhaps you'll hear or doubt. Love is not an easy winged notion much harder to confess it exists after turbulent skies even in affectionate bliss. I woke this morning feeling like a therapist or someone who could calm the raging... Continue Reading →

Quietly pleased

Near a faultline of beauty and obnoxious weed my eyes only see with a heart through a lens of macro quietly pleased. Notions of wrong, right can wait until night for here and now is not to be mistaken for another chance. I refuse to reject my truest emotions just because it is written somewhere... Continue Reading →

Chaos after the rock

Chaos after the rock swimming in the reservoir screaming this is it. I notice with slight attention having heard this before question just what to hell is it this time. Suddenly trees bend but do not break as though they know the story has no ending and get bored. A hiss from the wind sends... Continue Reading →

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