Tag: dreams

She’s here

She’s here make no mistake for surely my heart will take all that she gives to help me live. When I close my eyes it occurs my thoughts shift from reality to dreams all creations I explore come to life with vividness along with her smile that melts me as though I am ice cream. She’s here I am seduced…

Lost in the Cosmos,again

Lost in the Cosmos, again listening to her heart as the scent of her perfume blends with these flowers as I struggle to contain all stirring within. It would be easy I suppose to simply say this is pretend but truth is truth so is intimacy. I journey each night into sweet Cosmos breathe and listen to her sighs as…


Waking this early morn around 3:59 a.m. I found contentment, lingered felt blessed as covers covered my still sleepy eyes. I seen the beauty of a smile like a flower, radiant drifted back into dreams whispered thank you held hands..