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@ 4.5 mile marker

@ 4.5 mile marker I felt you kiss my chilled neck heard you whisper I love you as a smile covered my face in thoughts of so many times when you held my hand gave me strength to understand such a wicked world. @ 4.5 mile marker I knew the blessing of you..

How high are you?

This winged thing only goes just above the clouds not near enough to you. My heart aches but has become manageable like the tears from missing you. So many times I find you in rhymes long before the ink dries on a blank page just waiting to be filled with you. I’m buckled in just in case this flight becomes…

until you disappeared

On spring mornings, hot summer afternoons Autumn moments, cold winter nights I wrote of you until you disappeared. I’m thinking of putting a road sign up saying ahead is where you drop off the earth.