loves me like a rock

When I was a little boy (When I was just a boy)And the devil would call my name (When I was just a boy)I'd say, now who do (Who)Who do you think you're foolin' (When I was just a boy)I'm a consecrated boy (When I was just a boy)I'm a singer in a Sunday choirOh,... Continue Reading →

Walk a mile in my shoes

If I could be you, if you could be meFor just one hourIf we could find a wayTo get inside each other's mind, uh huh If you could see you through my eyesInstead of your egoI believe you'd be, I believe you'd beSurprised to seeThat you've been blind, uh huh Walk a mile in my... Continue Reading →

Land of confusion

I must've dreamed a thousand dreamsBeen haunted by a million screamsBut I can hear the marching feetThey're moving into the streetNow did you read the news today?They say the danger's gone awayBut I can see the fires still alightThey're burning into the night There's too many men, too many peopleMaking too many problemsAnd not much... Continue Reading →

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