Choices Each morning I must decide which color pants to wear that won’t clash with shirt so I can prevent myself from wearing a skirt. Two pair of slippers one pair black, one pair brown each morning I must decide which color to wear to scurry around be comfy and scribble a few lines then... Continue Reading →

Could get a little prickly

Sitting in a dinky cafe sipping burnt coffee when she asked if she could join me and I said sure. At first I wondered what she had in her thoughts pulled up the armour around my heart. Weren't long she asked if I would be interested in seeing her again and it was then I... Continue Reading →

Mr. Suave

’tis a tale about Mr.Suave he traveled around met many women on the wrong side of town. He told each one you have a gleam in your eyes that reminds him of her sighs. He had the gift of words could make hearts blush hearts skip beats cause he knew about lust. It dripped out... Continue Reading →

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