on the 14th

On the 14th we'll talk about what is right.  Wrong.. make excuses about who what why decide when then casually stroll on towards oblivion. Seems change is not of interest unless money can be made. that's right! And WRONG


I cut out the booze but my symptoms persisted. I had panic attacks like in the movies where the music gets loud with each dramatic scene accompanied by voices whispering don’t you miss me a small reminder straight out of a love scene. Booze fueled my artistic seed slowly I died having lost that need... Continue Reading →


Change is becoming less and less for those who need it most nobility has disappeared no swords of valor shine no, today is all about billionaires fancy yachts, private islands nothing about family values just what can be bought. Prolonged thoughts of egos running a muck while many go hungry just an after thought.  

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