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Tomorrow is Friday

I’ll switch to Nikon tomorrow put the Canon away breakout the macro extension tubes get a little closer whisper, it’s okay click. Tomorrow is Friday might share a picture of Fido or wait until Caturday. To all those who find joy in photography one picture at a time I know that feeling no matter which camera in hand or what…

Euphoric high

Often I feel your lips on mine softest touch upon my skin and how often I feel an euphoric high race through my heart again. Often you spread your wings my own beautiful butterfly giving my weary soul a breath of freedom to fly beside you in love.

Earthly beauty

Earthly beauty only borrowed to eclipse a moment within a heart hidden, while waiting to witness tomorrow. Light falling butterfly fluttering wisdom recalling steps taken towards tomorrow. Only borrowed, a breath to live again witness life revolving like a sweet sin light touching skin warm, belonging easing longing of tomorrow.