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Torn Wearing my torn t-shirt she looked amazing while a giggle escaped from between the lips I tasted unafraid of hurt. As life brought dangerous curves hand in hand the gravel road gave way to passionate filled days while I lost my breath knowing we would never be torn apart. Walks among collapsing flowers should have been a clue that…

Come September

Come September, cosmos and butterflies shall begin to fade from view colors of Autumn shall replace petals and flowers enjoyed for hours. Let’s not forget to spread smiles come September when the clock falls backwards like Humpty Dumpty did remember?

Focus on beauty

As a lone bird sings lazy clouds pass overhead focus on beauty calms any rage that crippled my thoughts as ink flows. A soft breeze brings scent of flowers nearby as a monarch enjoys the nectar planted early spring. Focus on beauty this day take a moment to cherish little things be aware and wonder place in print your way..