Tag: butterfly

Intricate moments

Among the intricate moments life has offered so far you are still the brightest star. Each sensation has not been misplaced nor erased. Inside the heart vault is stored precious smiles and laughter quietly restored to soothe my lost soul. No tranquilizers shall numb the pain words of sympathy cannot be heard nor tears that have come and gone ever…

Somewhere tomorrow

Somewhere tomorrow life shall unfold like an old movie script butterflies will escape the cocoon take flight soon into somewhere tomorrow. That’s where beauty begins to bring smiles to another day and conclusions settle down like dust. Somewhere tomorrow obsessions of being center stage shall change drastically once reality plays its hand with jokers wild.


Torn Wearing my torn t-shirt she looked amazing while a giggle escaped from between the lips I tasted unafraid of hurt. As life brought dangerous curves hand in hand the gravel road gave way to passionate filled days while I lost my breath knowing we would never be torn apart. Walks among collapsing flowers should have been a clue that…