Today escape your maddening situation go forth with lifted heart take in all the beauty of little things that exist to be loved. Today fulfill those lost dreams give yourself the chance and change to possess hope hope that lives deep within. Today let loose of weariness plaguing your life set your sights upon beauty... Continue Reading →

Butterfly Heart

sometimes broken, sometimes strong a butterfly heart shall sing its song while fluttering about and perhaps you'll hear or doubt. Love is not an easy winged notion much harder to confess it exists after turbulent skies even in affectionate bliss. I woke this morning feeling like a therapist or someone who could calm the raging... Continue Reading →

In waves

Life it seems, or at least I believe comes in waves on sounds from beauty, guitar strings. Lost long ago illusions of a grandeur love for life is not a breeze like one sitting in a swing waiting for sunset to arrive. On waves accompanied by a soft voice singing filling my heart with beauty... Continue Reading →

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